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Not a bad start eh?

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Not a bad start eh?

Learning Industry Grade Audio Engines Is Now Easy & Enjoyable.

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The goal of ScottGameSounds is a simple one. To make learning about Audio Middleware & Video Game Engines easier for Music Composers & Sound Designers.

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Online Video Courses

Sign up to one of our online video courses. Designed for any skill level, these courses are built to save you time learning how to use industry standard software such as the Unity game engine and the FMOD audio middleware.

Lessons & Consultations

For personal, one-on-one advice, support or teaching. You can book a lesson with me – Henry Scott – to help you implement audio on your latest big audio gig!

YouTube Tutorials

Stuck on something specific? Then browse through the many YouTube tutorials to find that one line of code you need to play your music and sounds back the way you want them to in your game.

Assets, Scripts & More!

As well as teaching you how to use software, you can also find free programming scripts, sample packs and more.

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