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Fundraiser For Ukraine

This fundraiser is now closed.

On 30th March 2022 I ran a little fundraiser on this website. The goal was to raise as much money as possible for Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing their country to escape the war and fighting happening in their home towns. I encouraged as many music composers and sounds designers as I could to all donate whatever they could to any charity that was activley helping those refugees by providing them with food, fresh water, and new lives in safety with their families. In return, I granted anyone who participated access to either one of my online educational courses, The FMOD & Unity Essentials Course and The Unity Audio Mastery Course. It was a huge success! As I had over 60 new memebrs join my courses. And so thanks to everyone who generously gave what they could, we were able to raise…

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Below, you’ll find the original fundraiser details page below. You’ll also find a list of all of the people who donated during the fundraiser. Massive thanks to each and every one of you, and I hope you enjoy your new courses!

The Wall Of Legends!

Thanks so much to all of you for donating!

Aaron Brown
Andrew Ryan
Andres Sosa
Sam Lowry
Daunte Dier
Emre Akdeniz
Gillian Moon
Jan Albers
Juan Torres
Liam Dodd
Matthew Callahan
Рыбаков Павел
Blake Freele
David Truong
Romain Hezon
Scott Shelly
Kipras Varaneckas

Alberto Lucchetti
Andrea Bo
Craig Carroll
David D'Agostino
Dominik Giesriegl
Eamonn Bailey
Howard Sinden
Joey Kuras
Khenan Newton
Mason Hamilton
Michael Geidel
Moody Waters
Paul Connelly
Randal Ball
Sam Dixon
Bill Lacey

Almut Schwacke
Arthur Becker
Cassie White
Mark Dawson
Petter Johansson
Andre Enriquez
Jack Beeby
Jonathan Pascone
Steve Babu
Max Ellis
Ressa Schwarzwald
Faith Haydar
Peter Andersohn
Ricardo Borroto
Saffo Papantonopoulou
Theo Gibal

In light of the awful invasion of Ukraine, I am trying to do my bit by bringing the game audio community together in order to help support those trying to flee Ukraine and help raise money for various charities. On the 30th March, I’ll be encouraging as many people within the community as possible to donate to these charities that are currently providing food, aid, shelter and relief to the families who have lost their homes and are trying to escape Ukraine.

Photograph: Nicola Marfisi/AGF/Rex/Shutterstock

On this website I host two premium online educational courses that are designed to teach music composers and sound designers how to implement audio into video games. Those two courses are The FMOD & Unity Essentials Course and The Unity Audio Mastery Course. Normally these courses are worth $199 each! But for a limited time only, you can gain lifetime aceess to either one of these two courses simply by dontating to charity!

Important Note: Obviously because this offer is for charity, the “100% money back garantee” that I usually offer for anyone signing up to my courses will not apply.

So How Can I Get The Courses?

And BOOM! You've Just Helped A Really Good Cause!


Which Charity Should I Donate To?
Below I will be providing a list of approved charites that I've found or even used in the past myself. Feel free to pick any one of these charities to donate to. You can of course choose a different charity that isn't on my list so long as they are actively helping the people of Ukraine in some way, but I would HIGHLY reccomened that you do some research on that charity first. A lot of "scam charities" have popped up online trying to take advantage of peoples genirosity. Below you'll also find some useful articles descibe how to spot and avoid these scams, so please read these if you haven't already.
How Much Do I Need To Donate?
As much or as little as you wish. Anything you can give helps. So long as you can prove that you've donated to a charity with a receipt from them, then you'll be granted access.
When Should I Donate And When Will I Get Access To The Course?
This offer is for a limited time only. I'm encouraging everyone who is interested to place their dontations on the 30th March. Then on Thursday 31st March, I'll be reviewing all of the donation receipts recieved and creating online accounts for everyone. I'll then be emailing you back with your new account infornaton for you to log into my website with and access the course you choice. You'll have access to the course for life.
Can I Get Access To Both Courses Instead Of Just One?
Sure! if you think both courses would benefit you then instead of donating to one single charity, you can dontate to an additional charity too. Simply send both receipts to me and I'll grant you access to both courses.
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One Final Thing...

Whether you’ve donated or not, if you really want to help out and go the extra mile, then sharing this page on any social media platform you can would make a world of difference. The more attention we can draw onto this fundraiser, the more we can raise and the more lives we can hope to make a little bit better. If you know of any friends or family too who might be interested in these courses, please share this with them and let them know how they can help. Thank you so so much for taking time out of your day to read all of this and consider my request.

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