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Sounds From Europe

For 3 weeks, I took a little “mini-traveling” trip around central Europe. Me and two of my friends went from Croatia to Poland passing through countries such as Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and more. Of course, like any good audio professional, I took with me a Zoom H1n and picked up a lot of ambiances along the way. Here you can download all of those recordings I took, for free, to help boost your sound library. 

This pack contains a variety of different ambiances. From public waterfalls in the country side of south Croatia to bustling city chatter in Budapest – Hungary to haunting echos of St.Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, and all of the creaky and squeaky vibrations of the trains that took us between them all. You’re sure to find a wide variety of European sounds that you didn’t know existed.

The pack contains 69 stereo .wav files at 48kHz and 24bit. Here’s a few for you to take a listen to.