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The lessons and the content in this course is now fairly old, and both FMOD and Unity have had MANY updates since these lessons were made. You may find that some of the code shown in the lessons don't work for you as they have since become obsolete. If this happens to you, you can share it in our discord server and we can give you the correct code.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

When it comes to implementing your audio into a Unity game, things can get confusing. FAST! From searching through outdated forum posts, to digging through endless documentation text, things can get Extremely Challenging and more importantly, Time Consuming! Tools such as FMOD do make the process amazingly simpler (and a lot more fun!), but can still come with a learning curve when interacting with it through code. So how do we teach ourselves how to use FMOD with Unity in order to showcase our game audio professionalism? EASY!..

Enter The FMOD & Unity Essentials Course!

This is an online interactive series of video tutorials and guides, designed to make the process of audio implementation a whole lot easier and faster too. Together, we’ll be implementing audio into Unity’s free-to-download ‘3D Game Kit’. Step-by-step, you’ll learn how to implement and control music and sounds that work with the games code, mechanics and design.

This course teaches you:

Use Picture-In-Picture Mode, To Watch Your Lessons & Apply The Teachings With Ease!!!

You Can Even Use Our Discord Group & Get Extra Help From Myself And Your Fellow Students!!!

Course Contents


Welcome & Thank You! | Project Set-Up & Integration 

Module 1: 

The Basics Of C# Code: Part 1 | The Basics Of C# Code: Part 2 | FMOD Event Instances | 3D Event Positioning | Challenge Time!

Module 2:

Using PlayOneShot’s |  Automating Audio With Parameters: Part 1 | Attaching Audio To Animation | Automating Audio With Parameters: Part 2 | Challenge Time!

Module 3:

General vs Custom Implementation | FMOD Namespaces |  Controlling Audio Between Multiple Scripts | Challenge Time!

Module 4: 

Controlling FMOD Buses: Part 1 | Controlling FMOD Buses: Part 2 | How To Use PlayBack-States | Snapshots | Loading Sound-Banks | Challenge Time!

Module 5: 

Parameter ID’s | Global Vs Local Parameters | VCA’s

Module 6: 

Return Funcitons | Delegates | FMOD Event Callbacks | Programmer Instruments

Student Submitted Lessons: 

Footsteps & Terrain Textures | Dynamic Music Collision, Material Detection & Attack Sounds

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But What Do Others Think?

"Henry’s very thorough course taught me a great deal about the 'ins' and 'outs' of FMOD, Unity and C#, and was a great help for getting my sound and music implemented properly into PandaBall. The course takes you through every step of C# scripting, and makes it a lot less scary for someone new to scripting. It also served as a great resource for looking up specific things, when in doubt. Furthermore, Henry has been super helpful when I had specific issues. Highly recommended!"

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“Not only are Henry’s lessons concise and engaging, but extremely thorough. Great value for money and perfect for taking my sound design to the next level!”
"The FMOD & Unity Essentials course is a fantastic way to bridge the gap between audio middleware and game engine. It's given me a better understanding of the integration process and a more holistic skillset for game audio."
"I had a blast learning from Henry with this course. He is very knowledgeable about all-things audio integration; including FMOD, Unity, and C# coding. As a video-game composer myself, the course provided me with the tools I needed to increase my value towards developers."


How much does the course differ from the videos that you already have on YouTube?

My YouTube videos talk about a lot of different commands, functions and methods to implementing audio with FMOD into Unity. The ‘Adding Game Sounds’ series even walks you through implementing audio into Unity’s 2D Game Kit. However the focus of those videos is the audio itself as it needs implementing, not the methods in which you implement them. The course on the other hand, will break down each main function of FMOD’s API as of the latest major version 2.00.00. This is so that the lessons go through practical examples to demonstrate how to use these functions, and you can then take them away and understand how they might apply to other games. On top of this, we’ll be looking at more than just FMOD’s API, we also look at the role of audio in game development in general. We look at how audio data passes through hardware, how to load audio into ram and out again and how to read and work with scripts of code written by another programmer, all of which are there to help you work with development teams and programmers better.

What will I need to download for this course? Will my computer need much hard drive space?

You’ll need both FMOD Studio (~137MB) and Unity (~4.3GB). You’ll also need either MonoDevelop for Mac or Visual Studio for PC to write code with (both come with Unity). Optionally, you can also download the ‘3D Game Kit’ (~1.9GB) from the Unity asset store, a collection of assets and code for building 3D platformer games with. I’ll be using audio from this kit and implementing it into a pre-built game that comes with the kit, to demonstrate the principles of FMOD audio implementation. This course is designed for you to follow my examples with your own copy of the 3D Game Kit, however it is not necessary, and you can take the principles we talk about from this course into other projects of your own.

What Do I Get When I Purchase This Course?

On top of all of the videos lessons and resources that come with this course, you’ll also get full support form myself. If you ever have any issues with a particular subject or topic, all you have to do is email me and I’ll be happy to respond and help you until we resolve the problem. You’ll also get any and all access to updates, bonus lessons and material as it becomes available at no extra charge! Not bad.

Will I need prior knowledge of FMOD, Unity or C# code?

Nope! As this course is designed for composers and sound designers, I’ll be starting by teaching the basics to the C# coding language, with non-programmers and creatives in mind. We’ll then move onto how we can use C# to interact specifically with FMOD projects. I won’t be explaining every part of the FMOD and Unity interfaces, but as certain parts of them become relevant to each lesson, I will be explaining their purpose and how to use them. Everything is very beginner friendly!

Email me at if you have any more questions.

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